Carissa Caranda Berries Relish

What you need

Organic Caranda Berries – 500 grams
Organic Brown Sugar – 100 grams
Organic Cinnamon – 4 sticks
Organic Clove – 10
Water – 100ml
Stainless steel pot


First step to prepare jam with carissa caranda berries is slicing these small berries in half and removing a seed from the middle. Needless to say, it takes quite a while to clean them.

Once the berries are cut, sliced in half and clean, weight them to ensure the weight is 500g to ensure the proportions are right.

Add the berries into a stainless steel pot, add 100ml of water and let them simmer on slow heat for 15 minutes.

Now add 100g organic brown sugar, organic cinnamon and clove spices to the simmering mix.

Stir frequently, until the beautiful red berries soften.

Yummy comforting aromas of cinnamon and clove will make you fall in love with this recipe.

Once the berries become soft, let the gooey pulp cool off.

Quick whizz in the blender, and your beautiful jam is ready.

Full-bodied, perfectly balanced tart and sweet relish is lip-smackingly delicious on a hot buttered toast, parfait, smoothies, vegan cheese and for glazing meat.

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