"SLOW living is sustaining our needs, within the capacity of our environment."

Watch our Organic Farmer and Founder,
Reema Gupta talk about SLOW living and what it really means...

The SLOW Farm embodies the ineffable “Spirit of Aloha”. The literal meaning of Aloha is ‘the presence of breath’ or ‘the breath of life.’

Our sustainable development goals SDG / involve ploughing back 50% of the proceeds back into the organic soil to create a self-sustainable eco-system that helps restore biodiversity.  

Founded by Reema in 2014, she now lives in Goa along with our 6yr old daughter Tara and husband Pradhyum Reddy.

Here in Goa, she continues to create horticulture landscapes for private residences and apartment complexes to sustain local biodiversity.  Reema also teaches balcony and home gardening to avid gardeners. "We love to share our knowledge by educating with a very hands-on approach. You can learn how to sprout seeds, prepare soil mixes, plant herbs, vegetables, tilling, composting, plant-care tips to help create engaging, beautiful edible gardens. We thrive to grow organically in tune with permaculture design."

If you have only a window sill, and want to start growing, their Organic planter kit has all that you need to get going!

Over the last 17 years, as a family, they have planted more than 700 trees on the farms, including 80 varieties of trees – local, seasonal fruits like avocados, cashews, pomelos – medicinal fruits like soursop, kokum, bullocks heart – spices like nutmeg, allspice, bayleaves, cinnamon, neem, coconut, moringa trees to name only a few. They intercrop organic vegetables, turmeric, kasturi manjal, mango ginger in sync with sustainable farming & organic practises aligned with permaculture design.

They raise a small number of hens on their farms for the most delicious eggs you could taste. They roam freely all day and feast as they wish on worms and dropped fruits.

As a family, Reema and her husband learned to practise beekeeping. "Our pure raw honey is made from the pollen of our organic orchards with over 100 varities of seasonal flowers and fruits. We call our Organic Honey, 100% Ahimsa Honey as Absolutely No bees are harmed!"

Only 30% of their honey is harvested so the bees get to feed from the remaining 70% to sustain their needs. "We maintain our sustainable principles and do not harvest honey during monsoons so the bees have 100% of their entire stock of food to sustain their needs during the months of monsoon when they cannot fly around to get more food."

The SLOW Farm is an Organic food, Wellness and Sustainable lifestyle brand with a conscious endeavour to grow and consume responsibly.

We use our farm-grown organic ingredients ; beeswax, coldpressed coconut oil, pure raw honey, turmeric, hibiscus, kokum and other dehydrated fruits and flowers to craft botanical skincare & recipes for you.

During our travels we interact with local artisans who work with ecofriendly materials to innovate, design and develop an eclectic collection for your closet and home.

The SLOW Farm is a creative journal of seasonal recipes, artisanal crafts, beautiful textiles, farm grown ingredients, and a collection of our soulful farm stories and favourite experiences.

we collaborate with nature for our wholesome well-being