How to render beeswax

What you need

Metal pot (preferably an old one)
Cheese cloth


Break the honey comb in small pieces, place in the center of the cheese cloth.

Tie up the cheese cloth in a bundle so the pieces do not fall out of the cloth and into the water.

Fill the pot with water (make sure your pan is large enough to fit this cheese cloth while completely soaked in water.

Now turn on the gas to medium heat (make sure it’s not boiling).

As the water heats (approximately 65°c) the beeswax will start to melt and seep out of the cheese cloth.

You will start to see the yellow liquid wax float up the water.

It can take anywhere from 30mins – 1hr (depending on your honeycomb size and wax content) for all the wax to melt out.

Once done, squeeze the cheese cloth with tongs so all excess wax comes off.

Switch off the gas and let the pot cool off for a few hours.

As the water cools, wax will form a solid layer on top of the water. (remember middle school chapters on density?)

Beeswax is ready

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