Ann Woodlucker

There are many things I wish to learn. My creative heart jumps in excitement whenever I see beautifully made objects; then the desire to make it engulfs my curious mind. As the cloud of eagerness would wear off and my rational thinking would kick back in ( that I cannot make everything I love,) keeping a journal of all things beautiful often leaves me content.

When I came across Ann's botanical art it made my heart skip a beat ♥ rather many beats

Woodlucker's master craftsmanship to achieve realistic yet fanciful flowers and garden vegetables comes with years of detailed work with paper and wood. Branches, roots and subtle textures found in nature inspire Ann. From soft to crisp, she works from the real, not to duplicate but interpret nature’s splendor.

One day I wish to have Ann Woodlucker stay at our farm and teach us how she translates nature's fleeting beauty into breathtaking static form. Until then let’s peek inside her colourful world that celebrates nature’s ever changing magnificence.

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