Along with those who Believe, we are proponents of

S.ustainable Agriculture
L.ocal Beauty
O.rganic Nature
W.holesome Life

The S l o w Farm was conceived over 2 decades ago in Hawaii and embodies the ineffable "Spirit of Aloha". The literal meaning of Aloha is "the presence of breath" or "the breath of life."

According to the old kahunas (priests), "being able to live the Spirit of Aloha was a way of reaching self-perfection and realization for our own body and soul. Aloha is sending and receiving a positive energy. Aloha is living in harmony. When you live the Spirit of Aloha, you create positive feelings and thoughts, which are never gone."

The S l o w Farm is a minimalistic home & lifestyle brand rooted in Sustainable >> Slow Living

For us, sustainability isn’t a trend or a short-term venture for self-validation in public eye. It’s the expression of our conscious endeavor to live responsibly, conserve, and eat well to enjoy a joyful wholesome life.

We use traditional regenerative farming practices that have enabled us to grow resilient, seasonal, regionally appropriate food. Our integrated methods of composting and crop rotation enrich our soil to produce nutrient rich food. These ancestral methods contribute to a dynamic, self-renewing system of farming that doesn’t need chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial inputs.

The S l o w Farm are conscientious folks inspired by Nature and certified by your trust in our organic soul.

Thanks for your support and for joining us on this journey.