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Organic Neem powder


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Our Organic farms are surrounded by Organic Neem trees. Sustainable farming practises suggest that ‘the divine tree’, Neem purifies air and helps killing insects in the air. A sacred gift of nature, Neem is an environment-friendly tree and has been used extensively as a household remedy against various ailments from pre-historic times.

Brief tips on how we use this popular healing herb for our overall well-being and self-care beauty regime:

Gut health:

* add 1 tsp to 1 cup of water, let it simmer (not boil), allow to steep for about 8mins and drink on a regular basis for gut cleansing and improved metabolism.

If the bitterness and pungency bothers you, add ½ tsp honey and/or ½ tsp lemon juice

The regenerative and anti-fungal properties of neem make it an excellent ingredient for Hair & scalp care:

* Boil 1 litre of water, then add 3 tsp of neem powder. Mix well and keep it overnight.

Rinse your hair with this water and cleanse your itchy scalp (it may sting so keep away from your eyes.)

* Add 1tsp to 5 tbsp of organic cold-pressed coconut oil (try our nutty organic coconut oil!) and bring it to a boil. Rub this oil gently on your scalp.


* Make your own organic toner. Boil 1tsp in 500ml of water. Allow it to cool, strain and store this pure organic neem water in a jar and apply on your face and neck twice a day.

Neem is also a key source of environment-friendly biopesticides.


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Organic Neem leaves powder

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  1. Pooja, Goa

    My scalp feels great!

  2. Abha, Ahmedabad

    Making neem tea today along with your ahimsa honey!

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