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Moringa Leaves

Organic Moringa powder


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Used as a medicinal herb for years and renowned for its incredible health and beauty benefits, this Organic moringa powder is dried in a cool dark cottage room at our organic farm itself, where its grown organically and harvested sustainably.  Once dried, the moringa leaves are crushed and powdered in small-batches to maintain freshness, while respecting seasonality.

A brief detail of how we use and apply this miracle green powder in our food, drink and beauty regime:


* add 2 tbsp in roti atta mix to make the greenest, prettiest phulkas

* sprinkle on khichadi

* add to lentil soup

* sprinkle on hot crispy dosa

* add to your dosa podi mix

* mix ½ tsp with ½ tsp of organic neem powder – add water, simmer, let cool and apply as a toner (try our organic neem powder!)

* mix ½ tsp with 1 tsp of organic honey for face mask (try our organic ahimsa honey to experience an all organic self-care combination)

* Add 1tsp to 1 glass of boiled water, sieve and sip away a green tea, rich in antioxidants (without caffeine of course)

What else?

Recently we read that organic moringa powder is popular among ‘nursing mothers’, Apparently “It’s known to increase breast milk production,” (Refinery 29) Did you know? Have you tried, new mommies? Is it true? Do share your feedback if it worked like a charm 🙂

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50 Grams

Colour :
Natural organic green

Organic Moringa leaves

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2 reviews for Organic Moringa powder

  1. Komal, Delhi

    How do you get it so green in colour and taste?

  2. Ira, Bangalore

    Just started with moringa leaves powder! It was yumm! so green 🙂

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