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Organic Dessert Box


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Treat yourself with the purest organic ingredients grown locally in India to make delicious vegan desserts, sauces, marinades, mulled wine and more. This organic combo includes:

* Organic Cacao Beans that are fermented, dried, whole and unroasted to enjoy the purest form of chocolate that is deep and rich ♡ Roast them slightly, remove the shell -Voila! Your organic cacao nibs are ready. Eat them as-is first to relish the flavour of the purest unadulterated form of chocolate directly from nature. Add cacao nibs to coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Mix them with nuts and make brownies, powder them and add to cakes, chocolate ganache.

* Organic spice mix that combines the aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove all-in-one. Simply add a teaspoon to bake cakes, pumpkin pies, muffins, puddings, apple pie. Warming winter beverages such as mulled wine and spiced apple cider taste delicious when infused with this spice mix.

* Pure Palm Jaggery that is derived from the sap of Palmyra palm tree (toddy palm/tati nungu/ice apple). Unlike refined sugar, this dark jaggery has a low glycaemic index that makes it a healthy sweetener with a caramel flavour. This dark jaggery gains its colour through the process of aging and curing of the freshly prepared sap of palm which over a period of time develops a potently sweet, distinct flavour that is deeper and richer than any other jaggery. Unrefined without separation of the molasses – a secret weapon for sweet makers!

Ideal organic ingredients to make fudgy brownies, cakes and caramel custard. You can also use them in savory sauces, such as barbecue sauces and mole. Crust steak or duck with crushed cacao nibs, palm jaggery and spice-mix for a truly delicious flavour.

Weight: 450 grams

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  1. Tina, Goa

    I’m getting this for my cousin who loves to make desserts with gourmet ingredients!

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