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Organic Bamboo Straws (4pcs)


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“My daughter and mother love to drink coconut water directly from the coconut shell and they absolutely love these reusable straws. So easy-to-clean, and can be used on a daily basis – No more disintegrating paper straws or polluting single use plastic straws!

I found it logical to switch to these bamboo plant straws especially for drinking coconut water and for young kids who still cannot drink juices from the glass without spilling.” Reema Gupta (Founder & Head of Sustainability @ The Slow Farm)

Handmade by passionate local artisans in the pristine forests of North Eastern India, these bamboo straws are 100% organic, biodegradable and chemical-free.

In order to be Sustainable, bamboo shoots are cut in such a way that they can germinate back in 4-8 months. To avoid wastage, most of the bamboo stalk is used, which is why you will find that these bamboo straws vary in diameter – makes each straw one of a kind!

After the bamboo stalk is cut, it is polished, filed, sanded, and sterilised to ensure that it’s smooth and levelled, perfect for sipping any drink.

These straws are reusable, compostable, and are aesthetically pleasing to include in your drink.

Did you know that the bamboo plant grows 1000 times faster than hardwood trees, is low maintenance, and doesn’t require pesticide?

We are proud to collaborate with our Local Indian craftsmen! Recommendation: Maintain hygiene by cleaning with water after each use 🙂

20cm long x 5mm diameter (approximately)

Colour :

Organic Bamboo Stalk

2 reviews for Organic Bamboo Straws (4pcs)

  1. Dipti, Udaipur

    Beautiful and sustainable packaging 🙂

  2. Divya, Chennai

    Bought 2 sets, Huge hit with my kids!

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