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This Slow-made, all Organic balm is so pure that it is safe to eat.  Free of any essential oils, our organic healing ointment is ideal for your dry sensitive skin and of your kids and babies! Apply on face, hands, heels, chapped lips, chin, upper lip (calms the irritated skin after threading or face waxing)

Breastfeeding mothers can apply on their dry nips to moisturize and heal.

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Free of any additives, fragrance, chemicals, emulsifiers, this pure skin healing organic ointment is made in small-batches with only Organic ingredients most of which come from our own organic farms.

Weight :
16 Grams

Colour :

Organic beeswax
Organic cold-pressed coconut oil
Organic cold-pressed almond oil
Organic cocoa butter

11 reviews for Organic Balm

  1. Vaibhavi, Pune

    I can definitely feel that is such an honest and superior product from the usual commercial mass produced things. Really love the

  2. Shobhita, Bangalore

    The salve is brilliant. I have had really dry lips lately and the salve is like magic. And I can feel the difference on days when I don’t use it.
    Also, it’s held up really well in this weather. Texture wise. I will definitely be replenishing my pot when it’s over.

  3. Amrita, Noida

    Got the organic salve and the organic Ahimsa honey. Both are awesome 🙂
    Honey is really flavorful and the salve is v nourishing yet gentle.

  4. Sachin, Bangalore

    Genuinely, This salve is magic for me.

  5. Kavya, Bangalore

    I use it on my lips. Love it!!

  6. Arjun, Delhi

    Salve is good, I apply on my lips before bed.

  7. Sachin, Ahmedabad

    Extreme dryness in Ahmedabad. Surviving on your balm.

  8. Nanditha, Bangalore

    I need more Salve, very healing, use it for my toddler especially. Will gift to a couple of recent mums.

  9. Sana, Chennai

    Salve is so nice, holding up well in humidity!

  10. Rahul, Mumbai

    All the products look so good! Can you really eat the organic salve?

  11. Gitanjali, Bangalore

    I am using your salve as a lip balm presently because I haven’t had the chapped nipple problem yet. And it's great!!

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