Handmade Jewelry - Ring
Handmade Jewelry - Ring
Handmade Jewelry - Ring

Handmade Jewelry – Ring



Handwoven one bead at a time, this timeless jewelry ring is handmade with Japanese gold plated beads and glass beads 

A perfect everyday accessory for a man or a woman.  

Our slow-made ring comes in dark hues and muted tones ranging across the tunes of our everyday mood – Some love it matte, some love to sparkle 🙂

The intricately woven beads are a creative expression of the designs and patterns we find within nature.


Japanese Gold plated and glass beads 

Ring: 6cm circumference x 1cm width (304 beads)

Can also be customized to fit any size or finger. Please connect via +919538811414

Compliments the fingers of men and women who make this world a happier place 🙂


* The Slow Farm is a sustainable home, food and lifestyle brand with a conscious endeavour to explore, create and consume responsibly. 50% of your proceeds towards The Slow Farm, goes back into the organic soil. We grow Organically in tune with Permaculture design and Regenerative farming techniques. Our Seasonal and Organic fresh produce is harvested in small-batches for direct-to-consumer delivery within our Local community. We grow and consume Responsibly by recycling, reusing, reducing waste, adopting plastic-free packaging. Over the last 15 years, we have planted over 400 trees in our smallholdings that make up of 70 varieties of seasonal and organic fruit trees, organic spices and neem trees. The Slow Farm is a creative journal of seasonal recipes, artisanal crafts, beautiful textiles, farm grown ingredients, and a collection of our soulful farm stories and favourite experiences.


Spring of Gold, Sunrise Spring, Midnight Spring, Blue Stoneyard, Plum Stoneyard, Golden Peak, Aurora Gold, Green Gold Meadow, Cream Gold Meadow, Pink Gold Blossoms, Cream Gold Blossoms

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