The S l o w Farm embodies the ineffable “Spirit of Aloha”. The literal meaning of Aloha is ‘the presence of breath’ or ‘the breath of life.’

We are a family run partnership wherein 50% of the proceeds go back to self-sustain our 15 year old organic orchard, a smallholding in India that has over 70 varieties of seasonal fruit trees, spices, and inter-cropped vegetables.

We raise farm hens for the most delicious eggs you could taste. Our pure raw honey is made from the pollen of our organic orchard with over 100 varities of seasonal flowers and fruits.

The Slow Farm is a sustainable home and lifestyle brand with a conscious endeavour to explore, create and consume responsibly.

We use our farm-grown organic ingredients ; beeswax, coldpressed coconut oil, pure raw honey, turmeric, hibiscus, kokum and other dehydrated fruits and flowers to craft botanical skincare & recipes for you.

During our travels we interact with local artisans who work with ecofriendly materials to innovate, design and develop an eclectic collection for your closet and home.

The Slow Farm is a creative journal of seasonal recipes, artisanal crafts, beautiful textiles, farm grown ingredients, and a collection of our soulful farm stories and favourite experiences.

we collaborate with nature for our wholesome well-being

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